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Apr 1 '14

Quiet campaign update. Accompanied the candidate to an event on the weekend as his “handler.” It was the most fun I have had in ninety minutes. He is really one of the sweetest and smartest people I’ve ever encountered. He did want to do something I thought was inadvisable, and we had a good laugh about it, and I told him to call the campaign manager (Coach Taylor) to see what he thought. Coach was like “Yeah, I’m with Victoria on this one. Don’t do it.” It was my first successful political advising. On the way home I joked that I was a buzzkill and he said: “No no no no. You are very sweet and nice to be with.” And it wasn’t creepy or suspect, it was genuine and kind and like a dad? Basically all I’m saying is that I love my candidate more than anything.

Also Coach called me one of the core members of the campaign team. Which is kind of amazing.

I feel happier and more alive than I have in years.

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Mar 24 '14

Whisper whisper

The campaign asked me to come to the studio for the first televised mayoral debate. I’m pretty excited.

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Feb 25 '14
My dad in the blue suit. He looks pretty much the same now.

My dad in the blue suit. He looks pretty much the same now.

Feb 24 '14


Hey folks, slowly going to navigate over to a new tumblr…


Still migrating! Will likely maintain this tumblr a little, but will have to delete a lot of it for reasons. BUT I LOVE YOU COME FOLLOW ME AT THE NEW PLACE.

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Feb 23 '14

Ugh John Tory is such a wiener.